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Highlights of Westerwolde

A day trip to or holidays in Westerwolde (Groningen)? There is so much you can do! But what are the things you must see or must do? Get inspired by the Westerwolde highlights!

Fortress Bourtange

The original fortifications of the village of Bourtange have been magnificently restored to their former glory. Bourtange is once again a fortified town, including draw bridges, officers' quarters and canons, just as it was in 1742, only now with enjoyable restaurants, cafes and interesting museums. In 2011, the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB proclaimed Bourtange the most enjoyable excursion venue in the province of Groningen. More info

Ter Apel Monastery

In 1464, Jacobus Wiltingh, parish priest of Garrelsweer and vicar of Loppersum, donated Apell, his settlement, to the Order of the Holy Cross, on the condition that they would build a monastery on the site. And so, the Westerwolde region was graced with a new monastery, which was named Domus Novae Lucis, House of the New Light. Ter Apel Monastery is the largest remaining monastery in the province of Groningen and has been on UNESCO's Dutch Top 100 list since 1992. It is open to the public. More info

Wedde Castle

Wedde Castle is located in the village of Wedde. The villagers usually call it 'the castle'. Wedde Castle was originally built in the 14th century and is the only castle in the province of Groningen. In the 16th century, it was used for the infamous witch trials. Many people consider Wedde Castle to be the cradle of the present-day Netherlands since the Battle of Heiligerlee was engineered at the castle. 

The North's hiking region

Westerwolde is the North's most renowned hiking region... It has beautiful landscapes and a great variety of paths and trails, whether you want to take a stroll or go on a long multi-day hiking tour. Everyone who loves to walk can really indulge themselves in Westerwolde, Groningen! 

Fortress Oudeschans

Oudeschans was developed around the Bellingwolderzijl (zijl = lock opening to the sea), which was built in the middle of the 16th century in the Westerwoldsche Aa. Bellingwolderzijl is situated on the open water of Dollard bay!

Count William Louis of Nassau built a fortress near Bellingwolderzijl in 1593, during the Eighty Years' War, where he moored his 150 ships and had 2,200 troops disembark. The fortress played an important role in the battle of the State troops (the Dutch) against the Spanish authority in 1593 and 1594. 

Wonderwereld Ter Apel

In the forest surrounding Ter Apel you will find a wondrous, exciting and adventurous world. Experience the magical fairyland of Greur de Groningen giant, aunt Beppie the witch and Zwammer, the little toadstool man. Wonderwereld offers great enjoyment for young and old alike, with fairy tales, treasure hunts, natural playgrounds and many special animals. 

Museum Railway Line STAR in Stadskanaal

Station Stadskanaal, only a few minutes before departure. A little girl tightly holds on to her teddy bear as her father helps her onto the train. The impressive locomotive is all fired up and the stoker is ready to play with ‘fire and water’. The train conductor walks along all the wagons to manually close the gates and doors. Blowing his whistle he waves his signalling disk. The puffing sound of the extremely powerful steam locomotive increases and we are off... enveloped in a great cloud of steam. An image of days gone by? Not at all! Visit the Museum Railway Line STAR on one of the riding days and experience it for yourself! 

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