Westerwolde, a region to explore!

Westerwolde, the charm of the Dutch province of Groningen

Westerwolde is Groningen's most south-easterly region. In the east, it borders Germany. Westerwolde consists of a number of charming villages, including Bellingwolde, Blijham, Onstwedde, Sellingen, Stadskanaal, Ter Apel, Vlagtwedde, Vriescheloo and Wedde. On its northern and southern borders, the region is protected by two famous fortified hamlets, Oudeschans and Bourtange respectively.

The landscape

Westerwolde's stream-valley landscape created by the Mussel Aa, Ruiten Aa and Westerwoldse Aa streams is home to pretty villages, green forests, moors, meadows and fields, grand farmhouses and beautiful flora and fauna.

The birthplace of the Netherlands...

De Burcht in Wedde, the only real castle in the province of Groningen, was where the famous Battle of Heiligerlee was engineered, which marked William of Orange's first victory of the Eighty Years' War against the Spanish (1568-1648). You will also encounter Westerwolde's rich history at Fortress Bourtange and the Kruisheerenklooster (Brethren of the Cross Monastery) in Ter Apel, the only rural monastery in Europe on UNESCO's list of immovable properties.

To explore...

Westerwolde, with its natural beauty, its scenic variety dotted with picturesque hamlets and its rich history, makes for great exploration.

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